Good news concerning firmware archive

They upgraded me to 110MB this semester, so the whole thing will fit. :cool:

Now the task is to unrar the archive, create a front page, and upload all that stuff through an uber-slow dorm connection.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to do that so it may be a while yet.

Another thing I will need is for people to send me firmwares (preferably compressed with RAR) that aren’t in the archive… (when I eventually get it uploaded, of course)…


(Spam prevention) Reverse the email address when you go to email…


No Dyzan! No popups! Oh well, I’ll continue to submit firmwares for as long as I can.

Oh good… I have a copy of the archive that I didn’t RAR up. :slight_smile:

LOL. well i have no choise. =)

Run Opera if you vant to avoid popups.


The new adress is now active!

Sorry, can’t help about the popups.


I can live with popups as long as they never shut you down.

Yes, I hope so to…