Good News & Bad News



The good news is that I just installed a new HD Plasma TV that is just great! The bad news is that now most of my DVD backups will not work. They either stop playing about five seconds after the DVD player reads PLAY or stop after playing for a few minutes. I am still using the same Sony DVD VHR combo that played all my copies without fail before on my old tube TV. I tried playing on both progressive scan and normal with the same results.

All the movies still play perfectly on my PC’S and they were made using DVD Clone V on Verbatim or Pro Media Discs.

Anyone out there got any ideas as to how I can resolve this riddle?



I have a new HD Plasma and no problem playing any dvd’s or backups.
I cannot understand why you have this problem…

what connection do you have from the new tv to your dvd player?
The new tv should not matter at all.
it’s basically still just a monitor for your dvd player.
something in your setup or connection is wrong…


As rago88 said, if the only thing that has changed in your setup is your TV, then it shouldn’t have affected the playback of your DVDs. I suppose for the sake of completeness you can try hooking your old TV back up to see if that’ll work, but there’s literally no reason that anything should have changed at all.


Interesting issue.

Will it play original dvds?


In a perfect world, you would have a connection from an HD tv to your dvd player thru either a HDMI or component hookup for best picture display[ excluding BluRay etc.

by all means, try an original [unripped movie].
although I don’t think they have built a tv yet that knows a copy from an original.

If your using the old red/white/yellow analog connection,
your not getting the full crisp picture you should.
or sound.

I’m wondering if your dvd/vhs player has HDMI or component inputs…

yes, this is an interesting issue…


After reading your posts, which made a great deal of sense, I decided to do some testing. What it revealed was that all copies made within the past several weeks would play on a PC only and not on the DVD player. When I dug out older copies they still played fine on the TV.

What I believe is going on here is this. Several weeks ago DVD Cloner upgraded the software to a newer version (within version V) and I suspect that since that time any copy made with the new version will only play on a PC. Since I had not had a failure in making backup copies for so long I had fallen into the habit of only checking the copy with my PC…this is a mistake.

Anyhow I made two copies of movies today using DVDFAB and DVD Shrink and the copies worked perfectly on the TV.

Thanks all for your input!


That’s interesting.


there’s always an answer somewhere.
glad your fixed…