Good MPEG to DivX Encoder?

i ahve my tv tuner ready to go to record some tv stuff i was just wodering guys whats a really good program to encode mpeg to div x?

Take your pick of,

Dr DivX, DVDx, FlaskMPEG, Gordian Knot, Vidomi, XMpeg.

There are probably others as well. These are just the ones I have tried and remembered.

Personnely I like DVDx. Others will give you different opinons.

ok cool!
which one has the best compression like… which one compresses it smaller and better quality?

vDubMod --> XviD (latest dev-api3 unstable atm)
If you want greater compression ratios try to remove noise and resize (if you have a large resolution). I perfer avisynth for doing this but it may be a bit hard for newbies.

Doom9 has a great forum about how you use avisynth.

The programs from my previous post are basically used to set everything up, Codec, Resize, Audio, etc… They don’t compress.

The compression factor comes from the codec that you use. The choices here are DivX, Xvid, WMP, Real I suppose. Personnaly I like DivX. Once again opinion varies.