Good Morning

My name is Russell.
I live in California.
Im a new, (noob), in nearly every sense of the word when it comes to computers.
I just bought this very cool HP Pavilion a6600z, with a 20’ hd flat panel monitor, with Vista Home Premium.

Pleezed to meetcha.

Can I ask my question here?
Because I have a question.
Dont all of us newbies have questions that we need help with?
Thats why we come here, yes?


I saw a thread for this here at cdfreaks, but there was no result that I could use…(the poster figured it out for himself, and what he used to fix his problem, I dont have on my computer…Divx converter I think)

So heres my question, and I hope one of you tech folks can answer and help me with it.

Ive got several chapters of The Watchmen Motion Comic…Chapters 1 - 10.
All but one of the chapters are in .avi form.
The single chapter that is not in avi, is in Quicktime MPG4 form.

How can I convert this single quicktime movie, into an avi clip, so that I can put all of them to DVD?

Let me add that I have Nero8…but the only thing I know how to do with that is to use it to burn a DVD.
I wonder if, in all of the software that came with my Nero 8 purchase, if its got some kind of a converter in it?
I also have winrar, but I have no idea if that can convert mpg4 to avi. I know it converts rar files to avi.

In any case, anyone know of any freeware that I can download that will convert, (easily…noob remember?) this mpg4 into a .avi file???

Thanks guys and gals. And thanks for welcoming me into the community.



Try with Avidemux…Good luck, and welcome…

Hey t0nee1. Morning
I opened your link and I read this:

How to get started with avidemux, edit and convert any video format - Read
How to record streaming flash media, edit and save as AVI, MP4, etc - Read

So that looks promising, right?
Thank you very much. I will read up on it and see what it can do.

I appreciate your reply and I appreciate any other helpful replies that may hopefully come in.

Thanks again

Hi again.

Much like what happened in the post that I mentioned I had read, regarding this same topic, I myself googled my problem, and found a solution.

I googled this: “mpeg4 to avi converter”

There are many freeware converters out there in googleland, but I chose one that was offered on, a place I have used before, a safe place where applications are virus tested before offered for download.

And the converter I found is called the Any Video Converter (appropriately enough), and it is the most downloaded converter at

I installed it, easy to use, dragged my mpg4 quicktime video into the converters interface, picked, from a simple drop down menu, a dvd .avi choice, and it took about 8 minutes to convert it to the .avi file that matched the other chapters of this multiple 'toon download I have.

I deleted my version, dragged the new version to the folder that holds the .avi’s in question, and ta-da.
Im set.

So, if anyone reads this post, and has the same issue I have, I gotta recommend the Any Video Converter.

I am saved.

Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of replies that I got, helping me in this matter…(he said jokingly)

But seriously, Thank you t0nee1.
I sincerely appreciate your help.

Until we meet again…



(what a production for something I figured out myself, eh? ahahahaaaha)