Good mid-range CD-R?



I was at a few stores and online, and I found some CD-Rs that are mid-range for various prices.
These include:

[li]MBI (Sony, Memorex, Verbatim)[/li][li]CMC (Memorex, Staples [house brand])[/li][li]either Ritek or Prodisc, possibly Lead Data (Staples [house brand], Memorex, a few others that I forget)[/li][li]Lead Data, possibly Ritek or Prodisc (Sony)[/li][li]Made in Mexico - Unknown to me… (Sony)[/li][li]Sadly, NO Taiyo Yudens…[/li][/ul]
What I want to know is

[li]which of these mid-range brands is the best,[/li][li]which brands to buy them under (including unbranded), and[/li][li]the maximum amount of money (per disc, in USD) you’d pay for that manufacturer’s disc.[/li][/ul]


Maxell-branded Ritek, or Philips and Verbatim branded MBIL discs have done me well for mid-range choices.

Not sure about prices in USD, sorry…I think in £s and conversions aren’t my strong point. :wink:


Why no TY? If you are in the US and willing to shop online, they are easily found at Amazon, Rima and Supermediastore.

And Arachne’s strong point? Frozen, flying, piscatorial projectiles. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t find TY in a store - and I am thinking in terms of a good disc, but not for purposes where longevity / archiving is needed


And Arachne’s strong point? Frozen, flying, piscatorial projectiles. :p[/QUOTE]



Supermedia has just dropped the ONLY decent cdr I am aware of that’s still being made:

TY ZZ100SBM (52x silver tape wrap).

I don’t know if it’s just SM or if they’re discontinued. Meritline still shows stock: