Good Memorex



I was at Office Depot yesterday and saw Memorex DVD’s 50pk for $19.99 US. I have sceen that these are CMC. So I asked the manager if they don’t burn good if I could take them back, he said yes. So I get home and give one a try. The are not CMC but RichoJPN03 and burn great I think I might go get another 200. here is a scann of them at burned at 16X in my Plextor 716A


here is another scann burned at 12X in my Plextor 716A


The first scan is quite bad. PIE’s are slightly out of spec (max 280), and the jitter is WAY out of spec (max ~9% - although most media exceeds this limit). I’d say many pickier drives would have a very hard time reading both those discs, because 15% jitter is pretty much unheard of.

Second scan is okay, OK PIF’s and OK PIEs. Jitter is horrid though. I suspect it might be that your Plextor doesn’t like them, because that media is usually very good, although I admittedly know very little about Plextor drives.


Not very good Memorex for me…

Future Shop had 25 disk stacks of Memorex 16x +/- disks on sale for C$10 (cheap!), so I got one of each to try. The DVD+R are RICOHJPNR03 and the DVD-R are CMC MAG. AM3. But while they just meet the specs (<280 PI, <=4 PIF), they’re both far worse than the TY and Verbatim 8x and 16x media I’ve tried so far in my (new) Sony DRU-800A. Not a bargain after all…


I should have posted it as “Good FOR Memorex” but then again I get almost the same scanns as TY’s in my plextor drive. At least they are not CMC MAG.