Good memorex exist?

Last night I ran out of DVD’s at around 11:00 at night. No one was open so I went to wally world (walmart) and bought a pack of memorex dvd+r’s. I’ve burned them at 8x in my formerly sony DW-U18A single layer, which I changed to a Lite-On SOHW-832s dual-layer with a firmware modification (and it burns dual layer discs just fine).

So far all but one dvd has passed the data verification test (because it had a crack in it), but the most suprising thing is, the discs are scoring 93~98 in cdspeed and being good and error free. I’m very suprised because I heard memorex is a bad brand.

Yup, but see the views here (if yours are CMC mag too):

Memorex has their discs manufactured by MANY different companies, from Ricohjpn to Ritek to Prodisc to CMC to Moser Baer to Fujifilm to …

I’ve not had any problems with the Memorex discs I’ve used - Infodisc, CMC, Ricohjpn, probably others. Alot of their discs are CMC which some people hate. CMC burns great for me on all of my burners, low PI/PO errors, perfect transfer rates, etc. This includes Memorex branded.

I think that Memorex gets a bad rap more because there are so many different manufacturers they use for their discs, and with DVD media what works well on one burner or firmware may work poorly on another, so there is alot of room for fluctuation in success with Memorex.

I just checked the disc ID and they’re “CMC Mag E01”

Yep, I’ve burned hundreds of CMC E01, no problems.

I’ve used two types of CMCMAGE01s : one is TDK 8x DVD+R, the other Imation I-crystal 8x DVD+R. The TDK ones were ok but the Imation ones had one or two coasters out of the 10 discs I tried. I think quality of this media code varies depending on what brand you buy. I would not mind getting some more of the TDK version, but I’m not touching the Imation one.

The problem with Memorex is that you can’t tell if you’ll get the same media code the next time you buy the same discs.

Memorex prior to 2003 were made by RICOHJPNR01, anything newer and it’s mostly CMC. You’d be surprised that some of those CMCs do burn quite well with good results, however I’ve heard bad things about them and I would not count on them in terms of longevity - if you check digitalfaq, CMC is classed as landfill material, I forget exactly if they classified it as CLASS C or D media…I think RITEKS are a step above :slight_smile:

Check which manufacturers give you a 1 year waranty, vs, 180 days, vs. no waranty, vs. lifetime waranty… :slight_smile:

Well it was a bit surprising to me that my CMC MAgs actually last longer and also look and scan better (especially Memorex), compared to Ritek.

My brother almost exclusively buys -R Memorex at WallyWord and swears by them. I decided to check out what’s going on and borrowed about 8 random backup’s and ran them through Nero CD-DVD speed. No wonder he has gotten such good results. I checked all of them and over half, approximately 3/4ths were MCC 02RG20, I don’t know if he just got lucky or what. Below is the media scan


Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD-R
Book Type : DVD-R
Manufacturer: : Verbatim
MID : MCC 02RG20
Write speeds: : 4 X - 6 X - 8 X
Blank Capacity : 4.38 GB
: 4489 MB
: 4707319808 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Usage : General
Copyright protection : n/a
Recorder information :
Disc Status : Closed
Raw Data
Pre-recorded Information in Lead-in (0Eh)
0000 - 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 85 0D 10 88 9A 80 00 - .@…R…
0010 - 03 4D 43 43 20 30 32 00 04 52 47 32 30 20 20 00 - .MCC.02…RG20…
0020 - 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 20 D5 05 00 18 EE 90 7C - …|
0030 - 78 FB 90 7C FF FF FF FF 71 FB 90 7C 18 6A DD 77 - x…|…q…|.j.w
0040 - 51 6A DD 77 00 00 15 00 02 00 00 80 30 00 00 00 - Qj.w…0…
0050 - 18 00 00 00 30 00 00 00 58 D5 05 00 40 00 01 00 - …0…X…@…
0060 - 0B 00 00 00 60 D4 05 00 4E 00 4E 00 D8 D5 05 00 - …`…N.N…

Good memorex does exist, but only 5% of the time. If you get a good memorex, consider yourself a super lottery winner

Yup and when you consider the price differential between them and media that is well known for it’s quality, it just doesn’t make any sense to bother with them.

Despite my hate towards CMC :slight_smile: I can confirm your findings - Indeed some of those MEMOREX CMCs did scan quite decently, again based on facts about 2 years ago - I haven’t tested new ones. And yes they did scan better than riteks to some extent…depending on which brand. Believe it or not at that time they scanned better than my RICOHJPNR01 :slight_smile: However, as you can see on those forums, good scans turning into unreadable discs in months period…

CMC these days is definitly not the crap it used to be. Some of their discs are even excellent.

The problem is that they are very badly supported by some drive manufacturers (CAUGHpioneerCAUGH) and thus we have misleading reports. Among my three burners, with same CMC MAG AE1 discs, one gives only coasters (CAUGHpioneer 109CAUGH), the second good burns (Nec 3540A), and the third excellent burns (Nec 4550A). And this is not an “absolute” drive quality issue as other MIDs burn great on all three burners.

As for Memorex, I’ve learned a long time ago not to trust them, from their inconsistent quality and misleading advertising. It was already this way back in the late 70’s with audio cassettes and nothing happened, since, to change my mind. :a

Well you must be the first person I came across as saying that some of the CMCs are excellent.

According to this reliable source it is considered landfill material mostly… 3th and 4th class.

They might provide excellent kprobes as do some RITEKS but there again deteriorate. This is where you differentiate LIFETIME waranty vs. no waranty or 180 days or 1 year… Very few brands offer lifetime waranties.

As for Memorex, I’ve learned a long time ago not to trust them, from their inconsistent quality and misleading advertising. It was already this way back in the late 70’s with audio cassettes and nothing happened, since, to change my mind. :a

I’m always amused by their slogan:

Is it Live or is it Memorex… :slight_smile:

Most CMC media works excellent in NEC DVD burners…

I’ve never had a single problem with CMC + or - DVDs in NEC, Pioneer 106, and LG drives. I agree that 99% of the problems are with poor firmware support. It’s certainly more consistant than Ritek, and better than Prodisc. Although Prodisc suffers from the same sort of poor firmware support.

Bad burns are the result of a combination of drive, firmware, media and burn speed. It’s just too simplistic to single out the media when problems occur.

When I do pick up some Memorex on sale for everyday use, I always hope it winds up being CMC. My LG and NEC will burn CMC M01 at 12x with excellent results, every time.

Not me :wink: - I’ve also seen dozens of outstanding scans of recent CMC discs. Reputations die hard (see Ritek, reverse story).

About DigitalFaq… it was the first source of serious information that I found when I started having problems with discs and I was searching the Internet, back in february. I was so thankful to learn about so-called “dye melting” due to impurities, how to look for dye defects etc… handy stuff to know when you burn dozens of discs a month. :slight_smile:

This site belongs to Lordsmurf I think. He’s a member here (but he doesn’t pop up very often) and at (he’s very active there). I respect the guy a lot (he helped me in many ways by some of his great posts in the videohelp forum), but I don’t think he updates this specific page on a regular basis. As things have been changing very fast in the DVD world during the last 6-8 months, it’s difficult to keep up. I won’t blame him, and most of the points he makes are still right on the mark, but concerning the manufacturers and their rating I feel it’s kind of outdated (sorry, Lordsmurf :flower: )

Yeah, quite funny when you get to know the real quality of their products… :bigsmile:

Hey, Wesociety and Rdgrimes, it’s nice to have immediate backup from the pros :flower:

I remember seeing this digitalfaq page been built way back (years back, if my memory is good), times change :wink:

Not that I am saying Memorex is A grade material like genuine TYs from Rima…but there are some brands worse than Memorex…for example you may end up with a bad batch of some surprisingly good media due to a bad manuf process for some companies.

For example in case of TYG02 - made by Fujifilm I had several bad burns. The dye is good but the manufacturing was bad. What I am trying to say is at present, Memorex, in spite of using CMC MAGs are able to maintain better quality standards than some of their competitors.

:cool: Ok I’d like to how your disc holds up in 5 years from now - Let me know :bigsmile: