Good media?

I just bought a new LTR-40125s and i need to buy some new 40x media, what is a good brand that is compatible with cloneCD and it’s functions? I dont mind ordering them through an online store.

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But,your burner should have a list of recommended media either on the box or try the web site.

if i was just looking for people’s opinion then yes it would be. But i want to make sure that the media is compatible and good for CloneCD

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media is not so much reliant on clonecd / software as it is the burner/hardware.

check the CDR-Media forum or the liteon forum for relevant posts or use the SEARCH

It wouldn’t be wrong if you bought TY.
Those are INXS in the US :wink:

First bit of advice is to buy CDRs that are made in Japan. Quality control is much better. Taiyo Yuden 40X is your best bet. It will cost $30 for a spindle of 100.

Your other option is to head down to Best Buy and pick up some Fuji 32X CDRs. These will burn @ 40X no problem. Fuji is made by Taiyo Yuden.

Easiest way to spot TY discs is the screw top.

Here’s a pic with the screw top.

Also when you look at the plastic ring in the center of the disc, it’s a grayish color, not clear.

The Litey works great with most Ritek-made disks, like the TDK and Memorex “Made in Taiwan” with the GRAY cakebox (as opposed to black, which are CMCs, horrible) and with Prodisc (Branded as Smart Buy commonly…).

And yes, in my experience, those discs are even more resistant (to sun, mainly) and last as long as any TY.

Don’t assume all discs made in taiwan are bad, a lot of factories have nice quality control. Ritek makes some bad discs but they’re not sold as TDK or Memorex or any other major brand, and Prodisc makes consistently good discs, even unbranded.

Look also for Princo discs, those are currently my archival-grade media, have never failed me and I’ve never had a bad disc, ever, and I’ve been using them for quite a while…

Reg. Taiyo Yuden

And here in Sweden TY are being sold under the HP brand.
These are up to 24x but I didn’t have any probs w burning them @40

dont forget about verbatim :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway with my liteon the discs that have worked the best were fuji (TY) and TDK (Ritek), and i suppose verbatim worked fine, also anything else i tried with it worked good too even though i try stay away from cheap stuff.