Good Media

I have been using Verbatim DL for all my DL burning, and they have been great but they are kind of expensive.

Anyone know of cheaper DL discs that work as well as the Verbatims?

Nope. Verbatim is more or less the only good choice in DL media. CMC DL can burn well in some burners with proper firmware support, but it’s not as well supported as Verbatim and I don’t think it’s generally any cheaper than Verbatim. Just try to look for deals, I often see deals for around $30 per 25 pack.

You can try cheaper media but expect to put a few into the bin with failed burns.

When you start to add up the extra cost of these failed burns then it works out cheaper to pay the slight extra for the Verb discs in the first place.

Best bet is to shop around for a cheaper supplier, or buy in bulk when a store has an offer on.

Verb’s or TY’s are the best, look on or else as they have good deals on blank media

Ijust checked Meritline and they sure do have good deals on Verbatim. I just bought them today and haven’t tried them out yet, but I will.

True but TY don’t make dual layer. :wink:

So, I am also looking at getting on the DL bandwagon. I have a BenQ DW1620 and I’m looking at the Verbatim DVD+R DL media. If a disc online says it’s “Verbatim DVD+R DL” can I assume it will all be good media with good media codes? With the old Sony discs, for example, there would be some that would MIJ or MIT…big difference. Is all Verbatim DVD+R DL the same good quality?

I’m specifically looking at buying this from Rima.

I just stick w/ the Verbatim [I][B]95310[/B][/I] 20pck cakes.

Taiyo Yuden don’t make DVD+R Double Layer, but they do make DVD-R 8x Dual Layer (TYG11) media. It’s probably only available in Japan.

For the DW1620 drive I would stick with the 2.4x Verb DL media media as I dont think the faster 6x Verb stuff is in the drives firmware (I may be wrong though).