Good media strategy/firmware for TTG01?

Hi, could anyone point me in the write direction of a media strategy and firmware that burns TDK TTG01 well?

I’ve tried TYG02, TTG02 and of course the original TTG01. I’ve burnt at 4x, 6x and 8x. I’ve searched the forum and seen that TYG02 is supposed to work well, but I can’t replicate other people’s results, I get quite a few large (~200) PIF spikes, mainly at the beginning of the burn, regardless of which media strategy.

I am using an 812S with CY58 firmware.

Thanks in advance!

make a kprobe scan @4x and post the results…

Greetings chok0,

I am posting 2 scans here, the first is using CY58, with TTG02 strategy, burnt at 8x, looks good aside from the beginning PIF spikes.

The second scan is from a multisession DVD burnt 3 times, the first 1/3 is burnt at 4x, using US0Q and TTG01 strat @4x, the next 1/3 is using CG3E and TTG01 strat @4x, the last 1/3 is using CY58 and TTG02 strat @8x.

Looks like TTG02 with CY58 is the way to go if only I could eliminate the earlier PIF spikes. Could you shed any light on my dilemma?