Good Media - Good Deals


I thought it might be a good idea to post media deals for DVDs that burn well on the 2500A. There is a lot of information, but it is scattered across numerous posts.

To guarantee quality, I’ve been buying the Maxell DVD-r discs since I know that they are MXL RG02. They burn well and play well in my Panasonic DVD player.

The best deals I’ve found for this media are:
50 Pack - White matte printable - $63.99 w/free shipping.
15 Pack - Yellow tops - $19.99

If there are other bargain or name brand deals out there with confirmed good writes with the 2500s, please share.


In the UK the best deals I have found are the following, all from SVP (

  1. Datawrite Grey DVD-R 8X, FUJIFILM03 (works at 8X) - £8.99 for 25 (36p each)
  2. Verbatim DVD-R 4X, MCC 01RG20 (works at 8X) - £0.69p each
  3. Datasafe DVD+R 4X, RICOH JPNR01 (works at 6X) - £15.49 for 25 (62p each)
  4. Verbatim DVD+R 8X, MCC003 (works at 8X) - £0.80p each

I have personally tried the latter three, but not the Datasafe Grey. I believe the FUJIFILM03 strategy is not perfect and burns in the 6X area are poor. Some people have used this media sucessfully and others have had problems, so it’s a bit risky! Still, it is a bargain price for 8X media!

My favourite is the RICOH JPNR01 media which burns very well indeed at 6X. I find the Verbatim MCC 01RG20 does not verify in Nero when burnt at 8X (despite NECs firmware supporting it at 8X), although it works perfectly in my DVD player even to the very edge of the disk. I suspect my 2500A is one of those that is a poor reader!

My absolute best results lately have been with ProdiscS03 -R 4X burned on the 2500A. Many people see these as cheap crap disks, but the kprobe scans Ive done and seen others post on these disks burned with the nec 2500 are just phenomenal, far better than any other media I’ve tried. PI usually doesn’t slip above 10-15 and virtually zero PO errors.

They currently go for $48 for a 100 spindle at

Paid £12 for 25x Bulkpaq 8x +R Printables (Prodisc R03) burnt fine, nice Kprobe results. Bought at a local computer fair but SVP will be similarly priced

You won’t find any better printables than Maxell…just wish they’d make hub ones…