Good media for ps2 help

I need good media for ps2 games pls help me

Well i use Traxdata Branded Ritek G04 dvd-rs for my ps2 dvd games, used Verbatim Datalife Plus for cdrs,not much need for cdrs on the ps2 anymore, although the first ps2 i had which was a early model did’nt like verbs, infact it did’nt really like much full stop.

for my v5 ps2 - AZO cd-r like verbatim DLP, nanya plastics made cd-r works well too. Apparantly taiyo yuden cd-r works good also.

For dvd-r, anything i’ve tried has worked, including mcc003 verbatim 8x dvd+r which was bitset to -rom.

The same that is highly recommended for other applications:

Taiyo Yuden

Mitsubishi Chemicals (AKA Verbatim)