Good media for ND-2510A

I have NEC DVD_RW ND-2510A, official firmware v. 2.18 and ASPI driver v. 4.72.
I bought “100st. TDK DVD+R x8 Fullface-printable” from but had problems with them so I’m going to send them back.

So now, imagine you had the burner I have and that you were going to buy 300 DVDs from, which DVDs would you choose?



I’d really prefer white fullface printable ones but it doesn’t HAVE to be.
What about:

Artikelnummer DV-D8G47IR00
100st. Premium DVD-R 8xspeed Fullface Printable
100st. Premium DVD-R Fullface Printable 4,7GB 8x speed högkvalitetsskiva
(“högkvalitetsskiva” means “high quality disc”, is it?)

Or do you see anyhing that would be better?

Until you are certain of what disks work with your setup, it would be wise to buy small quantities first.