Good Media for BenQ DW1620

I can see there is a 94 page thread with 2300 posts at:

However, I am overwhelmed with all the technical specifics!

Can someone please recomend some good media I can buy either online or at a big retailer? My only requirement is the DVDs play back on my relatives home dvd players. The reason I bought the BenQ was all the DVDs I burnt only played in computer DVD players, but wouldn’t play on basic Dvd players.



Verbatim 16x +R
Burn them at 12x
Available at most Electronics Retailers.

Sure, you can do no better than Taiyo Yuden +R 8X. Here is a solid source and a good price without shipping that sucks.

You will want to use the BenQ Suite to set your bitsetting to ROM as this will increase playback compatibility.

The MCC above are good as well and I have had decent results as well at 12X. They are harder to find at a decent price; often staples and officemax will have them on sale at $15 per 50.

Thanks Chas, Philson,

Pchilson, can I ask, how do you make nice labels on those DVDs, without causing the DVD to lose life or reliability? I have had so many problems with getting my DVDs to play (before purchasing this BenQ of course), that I want to make sure to do everything right.



Printable media and a good Canon Pixma printer is what I use. You must do a hack to the Pixma printers and make a CD/DVD tray but they turn out wonderful results.
A good place to start for the Canon printers. It is a lenghty thread but all you need to know is in there.

Some Epson printers can also print to CD/DVD printable media.

so then you are saying then that these DVDs will not lose any reliability then with any generic printable media,

and the hack with the Canon Pixma printer is just icing on the cake?

My primary concern is if I make a DVD of my brothers wedding and send it out, that it will play on most crappy retail DVD players that family members have. I want to have some type of label (so its not just a shiny unlabled disk) but more important than a fancy label is that it plays!

Any CD/DVD media will lose in readability/quality over time. :wink:
I have used a Epson Photo Printer for 1½ year for printing MCC003 but can’t see any difference in playability compared to non-printable disc.

BTW, newegg has Epson R320 for $110 after $50 mir.