Good Media/Bad Media



Hi guys could anybody help with this when i have backed up some dvd’s the writer spits out my media and tells me to use a better meia as the reason for not burning the disc. I would like to know what brands are the most stable and best to use. I have found buying bulk on the internet and the cheaper media does not allways pay.
Thanks for any input.
Useing the latest clone dvd and the latest any dvd.
I am now using TDK which seems to be reliable so far. :confused:


Stick with the better brand names; TDK, Sony, etc…I have great success with the TDK brand…out of about 100 DVD’s burnt, I have had only one go “bad”.

If you buy or are using the cheaper brand names or no name brands, try to slow down the burn to a 4X. I got a steal of a deal on some Memorex discs (qty of 15 for $2.99), but even though they are rated at 8X, I had bad discs, and when I stepped down to a 4X write the discs seem to be fine.


Indeed,tdk, sony, verbatim are good ones. Never produced a coaster!


Thanks joshica i’ll stick with TDK : :iagree:


Buying in bulk is still the way to go just dont buy Cheap bulk media. use a program like DVD Identifier to find the media code of your TDK disks then find that media at a reputable online wholesaler like


Buying cheap media is not a very wise decision. I would not recommend Memorex that is very popular in most stores, you never know what your getting with that brand.
The majority of my disks are Taiyo Yuden, which in my opinion are the best. Can’t buy them in stores under that name, only through reputable dealers such as You can sometimes find them under the Fujifilm name in stores such as Bestbuy, but look at the label closely, it must say Made In Japan, I don’t believe those Made In Taiwan are Taiyo. I have also had good success with the Richo JPNR01’s and JPNRO2’s under the Ritek, TDK, and Sony labels. Check your burners manual and it should show what disks are recommended for your burner, JUST DON’T BUY CHEAP s$$t.



If you want to buy bulk medias from very good/reliable vendors - look at or or

The very good medias are: Ritek - Taiyo Yuden - Verbatim and Maxell - and the interesting thing is that they don’t cost very much more than the crap medias like BeAll, Imation, Princo, Prodisc and Optodisc - and by the time you deduct for coasters, your time and frustration - they are probably much cheaper in the long run IMO - and will give you longer archive life-





Thanks to everyone for your time and comments, all the suggested brands have been duly noted.
Thanks guys. :iagree: