Good majority of music downloaders found alternatives to P2P

I just posted the article Good majority of music downloaders found alternatives to P2P.

 With the  increasing legal  risks of using P2P file sharing networks, consumers seem to be  gradually finding alternatives to their former P2P habit.  Back in February  2004, 58% of those...
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yeah they took up singing lessons cos they can do a better job than the rubbish that is out there :g

Wow… I just bought 5 CD’s released this year that I think are top notch. Incredible how an inability to find good music is equated with all music being rubbish. If you’re finding “rubbish” music than either you aren’t looking for good music or you don’t know how to find it. It’s not terribly difficult to find good music. I’d list some examples of the music I’ve found that I like, but music tastes are a personal thing. I’m assuming by rubbish you mean the type of music you hear on top 40 shows… and you have to realize it’s on a top 40 show because obviously alot of people like it. Personally, I prefer a bit more depth to my music and that’s why I don’t listen to such shows and hence avoid what is, in my opinion, rubbish. There’s plenty of great music out there, you just aren’t looking very hard. Don’t blame others if you’re too lazy to do things properly.

Please climb down off your soap box, preacher man.

I’d have to say that there are some gems buried in the rest of the crap music. Just got to find them.

let’s not forget lovely bittorrent either!:d

I would buy mysic if there was something released that was not released for the sheeple. I am sick of all the cookie cutter, gangsta, and just plain old crappy mysic that is released now. It seems they are more concerned with image then actual talent. If yer ugly, but you can sing, forget it, no one will sign you. Makes you wonder if Meatloaf would ever get a record deal if he was a new artist today haha.

I agree on your thoughts. However, I would disagree about people genuinely liking the music on TOP40. The reasons people buy and listen to it are because it’s the only music they know of (marketing dollars rule) and they are too lazy to look for alternatives. People content themselves with what the music industry tell them to buy. True music lovers still find loads of great NEW music. It’s all up to the listener whether he wants to find great new music or not. Declaring all new music rubbish is just a lame excuse for pirating ALL kinds of music.

i couldnt agree with you more!

so is the riaa going to start putting up checkpoints on highways to make sure we arent transporting ILLEGAL songs across cities… a la big brother style, 1984