Good laptop

I am considering buying a laptop. I was wondering if andbody wanted to recommend a certain sepc.

I am after a top of the range one (P4 or equivalent perfornmance) and price is no object, although i still want value for money.

Are dell notebooks good v.f.m?

I want to use it for gaming, DVD playing and other trivial, low performance consuming tasks like simple work processing.


Dell’s are usually good choices, good prices and hardware for the money. I often see ads for Sager Notebooks, the prices look excellent to me but I’ve never bought anything from them, for instance

15" XGA Active Matrix LCD
Pentium® 4 2.4GHz (533MHz FSB) with 512KB on-die Cache
20.0GB (4200rpm) HD
8X DVD / 24X10X24 CD-RW Combo Drive & Softwares
10/100Mbps Ethernet
Internal V.90 Fax/Modem
Smart Li-ION Battery


Reseller rating for them is, IMO, inconclusive.

Why get a bulky notebook when you get a Tablet PC?

Originally posted by Stoner
Why get a bulky notebook when you get a Tablet PC?

for one, he wants to play games and dvds on it. :bigsmile:

dell frequently has deals going on, they’re probably ur best bet for performance and value. however, a laptop won’t/can’t be a huge gaming machine tho cuz mobile graphic chipsets aren’t as far along as their desktop brethren.

Asus L3TP serie is an good option.
good hardeware specs and can play games and dvd’s with it.