Good Labeling Program



I'm looking for a good labeling program because the one that i now use give leaves white spaces on the cdlabel, so that the image is not complete on the page.

The proggie i now use is cddrukkerij kit and the matching pages.


Last weekend i got this very sexy kit called " pressit" with an easy to use Proggy…but the best thing about the labels is you can get them in inkjet CLEAR plastic!


Check out Surething at
It’s got to be the best CD / Cover label program on the market… Try it out, I think you’ll like it. It supports virtually all of the CD label manufactured, has number of premade CD labels, and numerous backgrounds… Good luck…


The best cd labelling program is ‘Cd Drukkerij Kit 2’ from EasyComputing


Ever heard of CoverPro? If this is the first time you hear about it, then you’ve missed something!!! VERY EASY to use!
I’ve downloaded version 7.1 from and I love it!!! So check it out!!!
Don’t miss this one!!!
C Ya L8rz…!

please reply if you like it!

(it’s just for covers NOT labels!)


actually…cover pro does everything from vhs spine tabs to diskette labels…including CD LABELS