Good KProbe2 Results?

I just got a 1673 and I have no idea if these results are any good.

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The RiTEK G04 Is A Good Scan
The MCC 02RG20 Has Some Nasty Spiked In It
JS01 Firmware Is Fairly Old Now.
JS02 Is On The Lite-On Site For You To D/L.
JS05 Is Even Flooding Around In This Forum Site. (Not On The Lite-On Site Yet)


You should scan at 4x, the forums standard speed for comparison scans. It will improve your results. It’s nice to know at what speeds the burns were made too.

:smiley: Leo

Leo Good Pickup Regarding 4x Scan Speed. (Not Max)

p99 You Could Also Try Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.75 To Do Your Scans.
It Will Even Give You A Score Out Of 100.

Thanks for the responses. The Ritek disk was burned at 4x and the MCC was burned at 8x. I scanned the MCC disk again at 4x and it looks very different.

you should try the new firmware JS05.