Good Iso or Cue making software

Anyone know of one? So I can make an image from any files?

i think the older version of fireburner can make .bin .iso image from files


from a CD or DVD ? isobuster, burnatonce, cdrwin …
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Swift disc, which is a burner program, can do it - you select the files you want, and you create an iso file just as if you were recording a disc.

Try MagicISO,

As most computers come with Nero nowadays (at least, in Europe that is), why not use the Nero image recorder? Just make your compilation like you are used to do, but instead of using your CD/DVD burner, select the Nero image recorder. Once you start burning, Nero asks what destination to write to. Be sure to select .ISO format, give it a name and location and start “burning”.

Great thing is that it doesn’t require any addidional software if you already have Nero installed.

Search google for GoldenHawk, they are the ones that started the cue, bin format.

try this one too