Good ISO, Bad burn?

Looking for advice to the following problem.

I have made images of

Generals: Zero Hour (safedisc 2.9) and
Call Of Duty (safedisc 3.1)

Both were made with Discdump 1.4.1 and burnt with Fireburner 2.2.1 on my Lite-On LTR40125S.

The Generals: Zero Hour back up CD will not work in my DVD-ROM (MATSHITA SR-8587), it throws up a .TMP error, but will work in my Lite-On LTR40125S when safedisc emulation is activated in the Daemon Tools utiliy 3.41.

The Call Of Duty back up CD will not work in either drive with or without the emulation activated.
Both images will play if mounted to the vitual drive in Daemon Tools.

Can I assume from this that the images caputered are good and that I need either a more capable DVD-ROM or CD-RW or both?

Please advise to the cause of the problems and possible replacement drives

Thank You.