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I used to have K-lite pack on my computer and replaced it with ffdshow. K-lite has a program that would scan a video file and tell you what was the video format and audio format and if you had the required codec installed. I think it was GSPOT, but I am not sure.

Any suggestions for a similar program, or if I can install the original program that was with k-lite without interfering with the ffdshow application. Thanks.


Gspot is an independant .exe, you can get it here:


Is GSPOT only for AVIs or can it be used for mpeg and movs etc…


i believe it can identify .mpegs and .movs that have been misnamed - i’d chck, but my gf is here and i dont wanna open those type of movies while she is around


My wife just got in the shower. It will identify them and tell you if direct show will play them. I have another program the identifies mpeg properties called you guessed it “MPEG Properties”. I tried the link but it is inactive. If you would like it pm me.