Good INEXPENSIVE Inkjet printer for CD-Rs?

What are your thoughts on a good one that is relitively inexpensive? I am in the USA, so please, no links to printers from the UK. :iagree:

Epson makes some good cd/dvd printers, a good deal for the R280 at amazon or with free shipping at

Dood i would go with a hp because the printing head is on the cartridge, every time you change the cartridge you have a new print head. I purchased an Epson that only lasted a year or so before the print head clogged then it was toast.


Newegg carries very good deals on recertified/refurbished printers.

The HP is a dog…don’t buy it…can’t handle TY Watershields without leaving roller marks.

In North America Epson is the best turn-key option, some models are more desirable than others by those in the Epson camp.
High ink consumption and clogging are common complaints with some models.

If you’re a wee bit tech-savvy (able to read/follow instructions) get a Canon printer that uses CLI-8 cartridges.
You will have to buy a CD tray and re-program your printer’s EEPROM (easy).

The models to look for are :
For a straight printer - [B]iP4500[/B] (eBay)
For an AIO - [B]MP610[/B] (Newegg)

There are other Canons that can be converted, but the above are proven and still available at the places noted.
Scroll down to [B]“CD & DVD Printing and Labeling”[/B] and read to your heart’s content :iagree:

Good info jflan, I’m glad to see some of the newer canon’s can still be modded to work. I’m still using an IP4200, using a modified tray from an old epson r200 that clogged up on aftermarket ink, and I’m refilling the original ink carts on the canon.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2226392]Good info jflan, I’m glad to see some of the newer canon’s can still be modded to work. [/QUOTE]
They are actually not newer Canons, they’re the last of the CLI-8 generation.
The latest Canons have smaller carts, cannot be reset (yet), and cannot be modded to print disks [North America (yet)].
Power users should avoid the new Canons for now.

About half down the page is a comparison between CLI-8 and the new CLI-521 (221, 821) :
Yep, freakin’ regional chips! (carts!)
and more :

Do all epson r280 models clog up??? Am I safe to get one? I print ALLOT of CDS (probably about 500 a year)