Good Images to test 6 color printer ink dispersal and quality with R280 Epson?

I have wished to find some images that I can use to test the specific 6 ink systems out there:

Light Cyan
Light Magenta

Would someone be willing please to help in locating appropriate image files that can demonstrate and be assured that all inks are printing as they should?

Thank you

The printer has it’s own nozzle check printout, and alignment printout.
If you want to do driver adjustments for color matching, get some color bar PDFs and use those.

Thank you for reply.

Color bar PDF? I’m unfamiliar with that bar. Is it a color drawing that has the same Epson colors in a computer graphic that you can print? The drawing Yellow would match the Epson Yellow?

Thank you

Link already provided for some common test pages. Keep in mind that the red, cyan and yellow you see on screen are not necessarily only going to print from those ink tanks. this is why the printer driver has it’s own test pages.

Thank you for reply and information.

I do not know Epson driver well to find where a dedicated Epson print test page is located. I will try to discover and print the graph soon.

Thank you

I have found the Maintenance Tab on version 6.50 of the Epson driver.

Is that where you are leading me to that can solve my question?

Thank you for helping

I have printed out the Nozzle Check and things seem good but the yellow is hard to see on any paper I try. But looking careful I can see under the light that they print as unbroken as the other five colors do so I think they are not in a problem where they are clogged.

It is fortunate to see that the R280 does not clog yet at all when I use it. Older Epson ink jet model did clog often.

Print Head is not part of the ink cartridges so how do you make sure it is not wearing out?

Thank you