Good Highspeed +/-RW

What brands of Highspeed DVD-RW(6x) or DVD+RW(8x) do you prefer? Is the Verbatim DVD-RW 6x good? I use a Benq 1640.

Verbatim 6x DVD-RW, and Ricoh 8x DVD+RW.

Sometimes the Ridata 8x DVD+RW is RICOH code too, then it’s good. If it’s RITEK 008 it isn’t as good.

Absolutely. I find the Ricohs especially good.

Nor is it compatible with as many drives as the RICOHJPN W21 media code.

Thanks a lot for the infos!

Verbatim is great on the DVD side. DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW. All have performed well for me over time.

But Verbatim is holding back the release of 8x DVD+RW. :’(

Well, whatever they have, it works fine. :slight_smile:

Never saw here DVD±RW faster than 4. (Nor CD-RW faster than 12… But maybe 16 once? Not sure).

so does anyone know if the RiData’s at are Ricoh or Ritek??

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Ask them. :wink:

In some places of this world they have finally become limited available.

Japan? Singapore, maybe?