Good headphones for language studies



Hello everybody:)

I would buy two headphones to improve listening skills in foreign languages…

Because they are language lessons,conversation and podcast in foreign language, it’s important that I hear the exact pronunciation of the audio,words and accent.

I’m looking for headphones well balanced bass and treble, warm and detailed…with clear pronunciation and speech:D

My personal choice is about:

1)In-ear headphones: Soundmagic PL11, Sennheiser cx300 or Sony MD REX50LP

2)external headphones: Sennheiser MX580 or Sony MDR ZX300

what you think about them?

Have you any suggestions?


I don’t follow iem’s or earbuds, so I’ll just comment on full sized headphones. The Sony MDR ZX line is ok, but you’re at the very lowest priced entry for them. The MDR ZX700 can be found for ~$75 or so, and has a good reputation for a balanced sound. For your purposes, the MDR V6 might be better, but is hard to find at the moment, and much more expensive than it used to be, due to problems in supply (floods in Thailand).

If your budget is really tight though, the best headphones under $20 are the Koss KSC75. They are a clip on type headphone, so I don’t know if that will bother you or not.


For speech application, any earphones should do.

I think, those that are advertised as having “great bass” etc. are not well suited in that case. My suggestion: put some stuff on your player and try some earphones in a brick-n-mortar store.



thanks guys for your answers:iagree:

Today I read some reviews on internet about many headphones with clear, crystal and balanced sound…

these are the headphones that I found:

1)Koss KSC75(thanks Kerry56 for your suggestion) but many people say they are not very loud(and for my purpose could be a problem)

  1. Senneheiser brand: Sennheiser MX580 and the famous HD 201; many reviews say that these headphones don’t have a great bass or almost non existent(but I don’t know)

Other brand: JVC HAS150, sony mdr zx300 and Soundmagic PL30(in ear)

Please,can you tell me three best purchase under $ 30?

can you make a personal rating between these headphones? or other brand?

Thanks in advance


The KSC75 will scale with the device you are using. In other words, its volume will depend in large part on what you are using to generate the sound. It is actually very easy to drive, and most portable devices will work well with it.

I’m afraid I haven’t heard the others that you have mentioned, but I know that the Sennheiser 201 isn’t well regarded at Head-fi, at least not for music. For your purpose, I don’t know.

Here is a current guide for headphones over at Head-fi:
Take a look through the budget category.


I appreciated yours advice:iagree:

Today I purchased Koss headphones KSC75 and also I have found(£5 on amazon uk) earphones in-ear called ‘‘Vocal In Ear Audiobook Earphone’’ and engineered for listening to human voice and speech in audiobooks, audio drama, radio and news,ecc…

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile: