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My Maxtor Ultra ATA 20GB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive is giving me alot of write errors and I think its dying on me. I’m A noob and dont know much about upgrades. I’ve heard alot of bad reviews regarding Maxtor HD’s. Can someone recommand a good hard drive instead. Thanx


I have run Western Digitals, Maxtors and Seagates. I now just buy Seagates, due to the five year warranty. Now they won’t recover any lost data for you, but at least will replace your drive.


I have maxtors that have been running for a while now but I have also had a couple of them die and I really don’t trust them enough to buy anymore. Some of their drives are rated pretty bad when it comes to falures on storage review too. I have a couple of seagates that I recently purchased that are pretty well rated for reliability, and have a couple of hitachi drives that have been running fine for a while and are also rated pretty well. If I were to get another drive I think it would be a hitachi or a seagate.


thanx guys will look into seagate or samsung IDE :slight_smile:


Seagates are great, although I’ve also gotten a Hitachi recently and it’s a great drive as well. They are great drives, quick, quiet, run cool. Seagate has a 5 year warranty and my Hitachi has a 3 year warranty while most (all?) others have a 1 year warranty. That has nothing to do with why I like them though and I’d buy them even if they had no warranty at all over a lesser burner with a longer warranty. The fact that they work so well is probably no coincidence that they carry longer warranties, though.


I would go for a seagate also. I have a 7200 rpm seagate in my Lacie D2 external drive and its brilliant.


KBench interview with Samsung HDD

Originally written by Kim Dong Guk

  1. 0.5 inch HDD

0.85 inch HDDs are already used in some mobile devices. Samsung plans to introduce 0.5 inch HDDs when such devices need to get smaller and lighter.

  1. Spinpoint T133

Succeeding P120, the 400GB version uses three (T is for triple) 133GB platters. Instead of GMR, the T133 HDDs use TuMR. FOD (Flying On Demand) is also applied to protect head. From 500GB on, Samsung plans to release only 16MB buffer products.

  1. Spinpoint M80

Succeeding M60, M80 uses perpendicular recording technology, the first series from Samsung to use it. M60 uses 60GB platters. 60GB version has one platter, 120GB version has two platters, 80GB M80 has one 80GB platter, and 160GB M80 has two 80GB platters.

  1. Spinpoint MH80S

Samsung’s first “hybrid” HDD that has flash parts. Samsung has been working with Microsoft mainly in order to shorten the time for OS booting time and other tasks for Windows XP and Vista, the next major release of Microsoft Windows OS. SATA only. MH80S is basically M80 with flash memory and SATA interface.


Again, Seagate. Warranty, quality of customer service, and speed.


I’d recommend Seagate, too (although I haven’t had any problems with the Maxtors I’ve had, either). Excellent warranty. :slight_smile:


whatever’s on sale (best $ per gigabyte) and backup properly…try and buy an OEM or retail kit online (e.g. newegg) which should get you at least 3yrs on pretty much any HDD…1yr warranty usually only applies to retail kits sold in B&M stores and/or retail external drives…

in my experiences, WD has provided the best customer service…

seagates are quiet but slow (same with samsungs)…

my first two choices in order are WD and Hitachi…but again, i just get whatever’s the best in terms of $/GB…


If you want a fast and quiet drive, Hitachi T7K250
If you want a quiet drive (although its not really notiable), Samsung
If you want a slow and fairly quiet drive: Seagate 7200.9
If you want an average drive that isn’t quiet: WD