Good guy needs little guidence

Hey there people, I am first timer at threads or what ever its called, and also new at dvd backup and conversion. I bought my first computer last week, hp pavillion 2.43ghz, nvidia 9600?, and am trying to find best way to backup dvd and bluray, I also would like to convert to play on my psp.

I have used dvd decrypter and got some movies to rip onto harddrive, but one sony movie i had to get trial version of anydvd. This file show VOB or something in between chapters and stutters in between chapters. Will this show up when burning or transfering to psp.

What other processes and software do i need to use or be aware of. I am thinking of purchasing anydvdhd.

I thank anyone in advance thack would take a few minutes to set a good hearted guy on the right track, and to help maintain my 9+ months sobriety!!


ps i am a fool what is a tag and i hope i figure out if i got a reply

Well I can offer some help by checking out the links in my signature.

Thanks beef barley, Imgburn is one of many aps i have downloaded, i will try and spend some time to figure it out. I also have hand brake, but have not tried it since i got anydvd.

You are welcome. I’m sure there will be more info coming your way from others. Any questions, just ask them here. Haven’t touched a drink in years myself, so good on you for the 9 months.