Good Games

Well I’ve been playing Battlefield 2 a while, and thinks its a good game, what games would you guys recommend and think are good?

BF 2 alike? America’s Army?

  • ninja gaiden black, i finished the game over 7 times and it still amuses me.
  • World of Worcraft, i dont think this game will ever get boring.
  • metal gear solid series, what can i say those games are no games but master pieces.
  • halo series, it has a good story if you follow it.
  • Sudeki, it is a realy good rpg i hope there is comming a part 2.
  • dead or alive 2 (from dead or alive ultimate)
  • i am waiting for nineteen nine nights for the xbox 360, heard and seen nice things about it.
  • bleach for the psp, its only out in jappan so i hope they also will release it in europe

Well, my recommendation would be tell us what kind of genre you like to play. Since you like Battlefield 2, I would prolly recommend other FPS (if that is a FPS). Play Halo if you have XBOX. Even if you don’t follow the story, it’s fun to blow aliens up:p. Possibly star wars battlefront. I got this game and it was pleasantly enjoyable to play. umm…i’d also get one of the bond games. Those are classics and you need to have at least one of them in your repetoire;)

Civilization II, III and IV :bow: