Good freeware to print direct to cd/dvd

Got a deal on an HP D5160 inkjet printer that has a direct to cd/dvd inkjet printer drawer to print my own cds (on blank white inkjet media) Having a hard time finding a simple labeler program that understands printing directly on media and (my problem) getting it to center on the disc. There’s lots of software available (Nero, Roxia etc), but is there any decent freeware anyone is aware of???

There should be software included with this printer to allow you to do this

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The question was not answered. First, the software that comes with the HP 5160 for direct to cd/dvd printing is, quite frankly, not worth the installation. It’s, uh, rudimentary at best. Laughably inept, actually. So, owning one of these printers and having purchased (1) Nero, (2) Roxio and (3) SureThing and still being unable to print attractively directly to disk, I have the same question as Agram: Is there any decent freeware (or shareware) out there that can print directly to cd/dvd?

Simple question. Anybody have a REAL answer?

I am looking for the same thing after having been burnt by ROXIO. Roxio Creator 9 CD/DVD direct printing will only work on EPSION printers, per ROXIO tech support. I have a HP-C5580 printer w/ direct disc printing tray and Roxio Creator 9 only lists EPSON printers for that option. It will print all sorts of labels though.
I would try NERO. You can download try it for free at: I received Nero 7 essentials burning and printing software w/ my burner. Nero 7 essentials works fine for printing directly on CD/DVD media, but does not have a small hub template. So I still am looking for a good graphics and direct CD/DVD printing software package that works w/ my printer. If anyone knows of a really good one I would sure like to try it.

Simple question. Anybody have a REAL answer?[/QUOTE]

What you seek doesn’t exist.
A crappy HP disk printer and then freeware to help it print :doh:
What was the problem with Surething, other than it’s a paid-for ?
Another good paid-for is Acoustica (free trial)

The only disk-printing freeware that has proven effective is Canon’s CD Labelprint, but alas, you will need a Canon printer.

[QUOTE=sturdyd;2227034]Simple question. Anybody have a REAL answer?[/QUOTE]

I may not have the REAL answer. BUT, I have been printing direct to disc for a couple of years. I have tried Surething and other programs that let you try before you buy. I’ve used most programs mentioned in the forums here except I have not used Roxio or owned an HP printer. For most of my needs the programs bundled with my Canon and Epson printers do a remarkable job. I have two computers and one or the other has a fresh copy of Windows installed usually every three to six months. This has allowed me to install the try-before-you-buy software packages several times. Like a lot of people, I don’t like paying for software. Whenever there is a free (and legal) software alternative that suits my needs, I take advantage of the opportunity. I recently broke down and bought Surething. I like it just a bit more than Acoustica. However, I would be happy with either. After lots of trial and error, I have my disc printing programs tweaked to near perfection. With that said, I also have a lot of time on my hands. I am sometimes envious of my friends and members of this forum who get by just fine with a Sharpie and quality media. One friend of mine who is a graphics design professional has suggested I find a 12 step program and a new hobby. I guess I haven’t hit rock bottom yet. :bigsmile:

I agree, after several hours of looking and trying different software, I bought
SureThing CD/DVD Labeler v5 for $25.
Works for my HP printer C5580 and best of all it allows you to use small or large hole option for printing directly on disc. As soon as i get my light scribe discs it will try it with those.

Okay. I think I have an actual solution. I purchased an HP Photosmart C309 all-in-one so that I could indeed do it all. The software that comes with the printer is abismal, so I downloaded Sure Thing and Express Labeler, both fine programs. Well, they’re not compatible with HP. If you go to HPs website, you can download Photosmart 3.5 for free. That program works just like Express Labeler and Sure Thing, which are both free. So with that and, you can print directly to dvds/cds no problem. You just save images as pictures and make it happen. I really hope this helps. I was getting frustrated by the lack of concrete answers.

hi guys,

im new here and the reason i joined is to solve my labelling nightmare. If any one needs some coasters, let me know! i have too many.

Ok, this thread encompassed many of the problems and frustrations i have been encountering with burning professional labels to both margins of blank disc media.

I use a HP C5280 and have been trying Nero and Roxio with incredible pain. Nero would burn 40 mm out to the left one time, and 60 mm to the top another time and not compatible as noted by others above.

RoXio Media Creator Suite 10 was as suggested also not compatible and i couldnt get a result or even get it to print at all striaght to disc. I had managed a work around to at least print from roxio, but it involved saving the label as an image file and printing through roxio express labeler (free i think) which printed accurately but had no adjustment and didnt print to center, not even close.

Thanks to the person who recommended Acoustica I have (for the moment, u know how it is) fixed my drama.

Firstly Acoustica allows full manual adjustment of margins centre printing to any size etc. It is also fully recognising all the HP stuff and printer that i have.

I just printed my first disc that goes to the edges and its a bloody godsend after so much heartache and despair.

thanks, ill keep an eye on the thread.


The only thing wrong with acoustica im finding is the unclear way it displays which way is which to alter your alignment, i tested this by printing some discs with a circle close to the edge of the disc and an arrow at the top of the disc. In the editing part of the the program the disc arrow is at the top, in the print screen the arrow is to the left, and printed, the arrow is to the bottom! wow, thats a bit of a doozy!

With some more practice it seems that upon exiting the printer, left is right and right is left as far as the mm adjustment on the alignment goes

CD DVD Labelmaker
It’s freeware I use it on my HP D7560.
Not the fanciest but a lot better than the software that comes with the printer.