Good Epson R200 Oem Replacement Ink cartridge In Canada?



I guys, need to buy new Ink cartridge for my epson R200 and I want to know if someone living in CANADA have good experience with online dealer for Oem cartridge with this printer. I don’t want to pay 100$ to replace 6 cartridge wirh genuine Epson and I have bad experience with Ebay seller with the 1st batch of oem cartridge I have bought, (need to do repetitive clean of my printer because colour are not printing correctly).


I know you said you had bad experiences on Ebay but this is what I use. I did a lot of research and everybody seems to like this guy. Comed ready to plug an play, just make sure all carts are printing when befor you put it in. He sells 3 different inks for these a cheap dye, this uv photo, and pigment ink. The shipping appears high but it comes 3 day FedX. The chips on carts reset and you can refill. No problems wit this one but an older Canon quit working right and he sent me an updated cart set. I think color and print is better than Epson. Epson will almost give these printers away because they make so much off ink and their carts will stop before they are empty.



Abacus ink is suposed to be very good. I havent tried them yet as I have been using refill ink in my canon for years, but I have heard them mentioned many times as being good for compatible carts. That includes people on photography sites that are pretty picky about quality ink and proper color. I recently got an epson r300 for cd printing and plan on getting some of their carts myself.
Fyi, I’m not sure if it is good in canada, but there is a backdoor link that offers much cheaper prices.


One thing that is good to keep around is a chip resetter for Epsons because that chip controls how long the printer prints based on average of pages printed instead of ink left in the cart.



Check this out on CDfreaks bargin basement they ship to Canada: