Good enough a reason to RMA 4167B? drive screws up RW media



I already tried the capacitor trick, placing a 3300uF/10v one in parallel with the 4167B.

I have Ricoh 8x DVD+RW, Sony 4x DVD+RW (MIJ) and Verbatim 4x DVD-RW (MIS).

When I try to read back the written disc, the LG takes an awfully long time to recognise the disc. Running CDSpeed also gives the follow weird scenario, whereby the capacitity is not stated and i can’t run any tests on the LG.

Sometimes, the LG may read the disc(s) fine but my Liteon DVDROM reads it with an ugly transfer curve. The disc may also end up unreadable on both drives, with cdrom errors in Event Viewer.

The drive still likes DVD+R, DVD-RAM, CDR and CDRW though :frowning:



no such problem with 4120B.

guess it’s really RMA time :frowning:


Flash back to DL12.


Is that a known cure for this problem? My 4167b burns RicohjpnW11, Daxon D42 and ‘Philips 041’ fine with DL13


No problem with SONYS11 (Sony 4x DVD+RW MIJ) with DL13 here.

People who had that infamous PSU problem did not report difficulty in reading DVD+/-RW discs from what I can remember (and I was trying to help people through the whole saga from the beginning). It was usually an inability to read CDs, certain types of DVD media (+R, -R, pressed discs but not RW) or an inability to read any kind of disc, period. So your symptoms are different, indicating a different problem.

You’ve already tried the capacitor hack, so if it was a PSU issue, it should have worked after that.

The only thing left to try is to connect the drive to another system and see if it works there. If it doesn’t, it’s definitely RMA time.


I dont have another system to try it on :frowning:

I have the reg hack to display the real write speed in Nero.

The drive should be writing to the Ricoh at 6x (5.8-5.9x) at the start before the jump to 8x (7.7-8.0). However, sometimes the drive only manages 6.x in the 2nd area, and yes, I heard the drive make the jump in speed.

CDSpeed still writes at 6x->8x though.

crappy RW quality still with DL12. Argh.