Good enclosure?

Ok, i’m looking for a good 2.5 inch enclosure.

right now i have one with Myson chipset. it causes very unstable transfer rate. Keeps going up and down.

any recomendations?

Fry’ has a bunch of them, I would say look for the solid aluminum cases for they allow your hard drive to keep cool better.
Wait for the sales too!

I have a could of NEXX 2.5" cases that work well. This may not be an issue for you but if you ever plan to use the drive for playback of video on a USB capable DVD player then get a case with its own power adapter. The USB ports on these drives don’t supply power via the plug.

2.5 is a notebook harddrive, can you tell me what model you have, I wasn’t aware that the 2.5 cases came with their own power supplies. Mine are usb powered only! Thanks UTR if you can help.

Anymore most 2.5" cases don’t come with a power supply. The NEXXTECH cases i have are like this one: It has a plug for external power and is also sold with a power supply. The link is for one without a power supply. You can get these cheap off of ebay which is where I got mine. This link should show you the where the power port is located:

One other thing I like about this case is it doesn’t use screws to secure the outside shell. It snaps snugly together. The HD does get screwed to the interior frame. You can also use a universal power adapter from Radio Shack etc. to power it.

This one also looks like a good deal. It comes with a power adapter and is USB 2.0 and eSATA compatible. It has good reviews and the price seems reasonable too. Here’s a link:

OKGear sells a range of enclosures that are very nice. Solid aluminum and run cool without a fan. Mad Dog sells the same enclosures.


IMO external 2.5" enclosures providing no possibility of an external power supply are crap. There is no current 2.5" HDD meeting the power consumption of the 5V buspower line of the USB port (5V- 500mA). Also the USB Y power adapter does help in all cases. Most HDDs has an power up current > 1A! Worst case is a damage of the USB buspower line of the PC. Most mainboard manufacture does not have overload protected buspower lines for their USB ports. I have only one USB card prooviding this feature. It was an Adaptec low profile USB PCI card. On an (old mainboard) I was able to kill the USB buspowerr line with an buspowered 2.5" 80GB HDD. I was lucky since I could fix it with my soldering station and a small piece of wire… :a
For this reason I would only recommend an enclosure with seperate power plug. Normally an universal power supply should fit into this plug.
As chipset the Prolific 2507/3507 (last one also with FW) works great with HDDs. I also have an GL811E-04 enclusure in use with an 1.8" HDD, and it works also very fine.