Good dvd/svcd/vcd player for TV

what is the best dvd player for a TV, that plays dvds, svcds, vcds and the x versions as well.

i heard the xwave dvd players play everything fine (everything = dvds, pressed vcds, cdr vcds/svcd, dvdr s etc…)

anyone have a view on this?

btw, when people refer to a ‘standalone’ dvd player, does that mean a dvd player that only plays dvd not vcds/svcd??

Ive got a Wharfdale from our local supermarket at at tescos - i did a fair bit of research on this as i have so many friends not being able to play certain types of media.
You will FIND the more expensive they are the less they play ! :eek:

Trust me on this one buddy - in fact ive just had another buddy spend £4oo on a sony model and hes well cheesed off because it will not play anything except the original dvd !!! Told him but he would not listen :rolleyes:
i paid @ £100 for mine - in fact it was mentioned in a magazine - WHAT DVD/ HIFI or summat like that and tescos sold out on several occasions…

what can this tesco one play?

btw i got a cousin who paid ~ £500 for a sony set too and it is shit :wink:

svcd - vcd - mp3 - normal audio - and of course dvd

Model M5


does it play cdr-s and dvd-rs?

in fact i have svcd on cdr but no dvdrs - does it play the cdr vcd/svcd ok??

if yes i will get 1 :slight_smile:

Yes it plays cdr,s but never tried a dvd r as yet i,ll try to get hold of one and give it a whirl - cant see why not though as it plays anything i throw at it.
It says on the front end DVD/CD/MP3 Player- - so cant see it being a problem.
Quality is as expected from dvd and it depends on the backup source as to the quality of the vcd/svcd but i’m cool with it.

Hope this helps buddy.


i think i will get 1 if i can find 1 :slight_smile:

Goto and check the dvd-player option in the menu, you can now select everything you want to have on a player you need and voila a list pops out with all compatible players.

thanks :slight_smile:

if you can still get your hands on an Apex… do it. They aren’t that expensive and the playback is wonderful for DVD, VCD, SVCD, and MP3