Good DVD-ROM for breaking protection?

Are there any good DVD-ROMs besides LiteOn that can break protection well? I’ve read several threads but they seem to conflict each other over Plextor DVD-ROM, Toshiba DVD-ROM, ect. My case only has 2 slots, so I need to consider what’s best towards breaking protection.

Do you want to break only dvd protections or cd ones too? Generally, all dvdroms are the same when it comes to dvd rom copy protections.

I am also looking for a good reading DVD-Rom.

It must have these functions:

-Read DVD-/+R(W)
-good reading correction
-must copy many DVDs on-the-fly
(I copied 8 DVD-Backups with my dead Tosh 1712… and now RIP)
-reading my protected game CDs/DVDs (SD2/3, Securom)
-ripping speed, region-free, audio-cds etc. isn’t important
-it should work more than 5 month :slight_smile:

it would be nice:

  • read Verbatim DVD+RW with Bitsettings DVD-Rom (Tosh 1712 can’t)

For example:
Liteon 166S / 165H / 163
Teac 516EK
Pioneer 120
Toshiba 1802
Asus E-616

Does anybody of your experienced users can give me some advices?


Thank you for help !!!