Good DVD readers?

Hey all,

I’m looking for a good DVD reader. What features especially interested me are good performance with reading DVDs (Video, ROMs, DVD±R & RW) esp good performance when reading problematic DVDs (damaged, poor writes, poor quality DVD±R/W) etc. Noise (or the lack of it) is also of interest to me. Performance with all types of CDs (audio, ROM, VCD, CDR, CD-RW etc) and problematic CDs is also of some interest. Reading copyrighted CDs/DVDs is not really of much interest. Readeing backup CDs and DVDs is of some interest however.

I would especially be interested in model numbers of any drives mentioned and in specifics esp with regards to whether you’ve actually tried any other drive or not (ABC rocks or XYZ is the best reader are not really the most informative of statements).

And altho all drive brands are welcome, the two that are of most interest to me are LG/Samsung and LiteOn

Thanks all

P.S. I have done some searches but there is a lack of info on LG and altho many people seem to like LiteOn, Benq and Toshiba, there is only limited info on why this is so and there appears to be a concentration on things like ability to read copyrighted CDs as well as absolute read speed differences on good quality CDs (which usually don’t vary that significantly) compared to more important issues like ability and speed on poor quality CDs (which often varies quite siginificantly)

It is a solid test of one of the brands you mentioned (I use it myself with full satisfaction of a cd freak):

Erm, that link is to a review of a DVD burner. Nil Einne actually asked about a DVD reader

The Aopen 1648 AAP Pro is an extremely good reader, no ripspeed limits on pressed or burned media, very fast and accurate, and supports PIE/PI error checking with Nero CD/DVD Speed. It is also very quiet, much much quieter than the Liteon 167T. I have just replaced a Liteon 167T with the Aopen, and I’m now a happy camper. It reads scratched media and “faded” media as good as any other drive, and much better than many.

Having built (and used) many systems for myself and other people, using a variety of readers from Teac, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Liteon, Waitec, and other brands, I can state that this Aopen is the best so far.

Pricewise. it costs about the same as the Liteon readers. I paid 17 UK pounds for mine.

Interesting. Does it read medium quality DVD+/-R at 16x (or close to that)? What about poor quality?

Also, how do you think it will compare to a writer (Ricoh MP5420A in particular aka Aopen DRW4410) in terms of reading fades, scratched and poor quality DVD and CD media (bearing in mind this is a 8x reader only)

Good quality DVD-/+R reach read speeds up to 12x, which is apparenlty its recordable media reading limit (I first thought it wasn’t limited at all :eek: )

Medium quality/cheap quality media can be a little slower, but not much. Scratched and faded media speed varies according to how bad it is, but the drive has very good error correction, so you still get a respectable speed from it.

I can’t really compare it directly to the burner you mentioned as I’ve never triedd one of those burners.

Since when a burner is not capable of reading?
If you happen to find the correct answer, then recheck the link I posted and pay extra attentoin to the relevant part (reading performance) of the solid test. The main issues raised were: good reading performance and personal experience. First is answered in the test, second is based on my personal experience with one of my drives that is mostly covered in the test in question.
Next time you reply to a post concentrate on what you have got to say, thus you can avoid unnecessary obstinacy.

Just for clarification, I am looking into DVD readers only. Although burners often make good readers, I’m looking for a reader only because I cannot afford a burner (except for the Ricoh MP5420A and that’s covered in another post). To be honest, if I were looking for a burner, I would probably get a LG or Pioneer since I would concentrate primarily on it’s burning ability not it’s reading ability. Checking back on my post, I realise I neglected to make this clear an apologise for any misunderstandings.

If your interested in why I am considering the Ricoh MP5420A (which is the same things as the Aopen DRW4410 BTW), check out this topic

Also, I just found out that Samsung is in fact the same thing as Toshiba (they jointly manufacture) so I am looking at Toshiba/Samsung reader (cheapest), LG (mid range), Aopen (mid range) and LiteOn (most expensive I’m willing to pay. The Benq is not available here (for a decent price anyway)

I’ve had both the LiteON 166S, and now the 167T (needed a different eject button design for my current case). Both have been very fast readers and worked very well for me.

I’m strongly leaning to geting the Aopen. A lot of people have found it as good as you have.

Interestingly, at least one person did not, in fact got quite a different picture of the Aopen

Perhaps this is because there are different idealogies at work here. A lot of people, when they say it has very good error correction tend to look at how fast it can read DVDs which are poor quality/slightly scratched. The faster the better. However, the kind of DVDs we are talking about here are ones which most drives can read, albeit slowly. However, this user in particular has looked at 2 DVDs which are such poor quality that NO drive at all is capable of reading them completely.

However, at the same time, c’t did also test very damaged CDs and got results which agreed with most other people (the 1648 beats the crap out of every drive in terms of error correction.

Also, has anyone compared the Pro vs Nonpro Aopen? I can get the nonPro but not the Pro and I’ve read reports the Pro has better ec :frowning:

If its reading problematic data your after you cant do better than a pioneer 107,
I know you said you only wanted a reader but I have this drive and its capable of reading everything that my aopen 1648/app,nec2500, benq 1620,nec 3500 and
toshiba 1612(both of them)failed to do,
In fact I always found pioneer writers to be excellent readers.

Are you sure? celeb, your tests are interesting but you haven’t tested all readers, The LiteOn 166 and 167 are said to be good at reading problematic data, also the toshiba 1712, 1812 and 1912 are said to be quite good. And the Aopen 1648/AAP Pro is said to have better ec then the AAP. Therefore, I don’t think you can really say the Pioneer 107 is the best of the lot without testing these other drives… It’s is def good but it may not be the best of the lot (actually there may be no best of the lot, they may vary too much depending on the specific problems etc)

Also, what firmware did you 1648/aap have when did the tests? And what kind of problem disks are you talking about? Scratched? Poorly burnt? Both together? Are they Rom, +r, -r, +rw, -rw?

I forgot to add liteon 163 to that list,

my aopen 1648/app uses 1.07 firmware
and I’m talking about poorly burnt disks, and all burnt on dvd-r,

I have just bought a Liteon 167T to replace my old Pioneer 106 (Slot-in) which was really experiencing problems… (high device and disc temperatures and strange noises).

The new Liteon is very quiet and keeps discs very cool. But talking about error correction, I must say I got a bit dissapointed because comparing it with my LTR 52327S, the 167T performs really bad.

Tests done:

Using a very scratched and stained CD-r (CD audio backup), I played it in both drives and with the LTR 52327S it sounded almost perfectly (no clicks) but when playing it in the 167T it was full of noises (clicks and similar).

Also I ran CDspeed and the scandisc feature to scan cd surface and the burner took about a minute to complete it (with many yellow areas, none red). The 167T was VEEEERY slow when reading the yellow areas and tokk about 5 minutes to complete the test. It also showed more yelow percentage that de LTR 52327S.

With CD-DAE, the burner extracts tracks with very few yellow errors (with the verify function) and the 167T shows tons of errors.

Conclusion: I was looking forward to backup my whole original Audio CDs collection because some are getting really old and scratched and I was looking for a good (or the best) DVD reader to make the images to burn, and I see that my old burner performs really better than my new SOHD-167T.
I woldn’t like to use the burner for reading and burning all my CDs but… by the moment that’s the best sollution I see.

Interesting. There have been very few reviews on how drives read damaged CDs, most have concentrated on damaged DVDs.

celeb thanks for the info

plextor’s do a great job of reading scratched/damaged discs and have been known to read even CRACKED discs.

are you talking about CDs or DVDs?

The few reviews/analyses I have read generally suggest the Aopen 1648/AAP (not sure whether Pro or NP) is one of the best, as is the LiteOn 166 and/or 167 and the Pioneer possibly 107? and possibly one of the Toshibas (1820?). The Plextor is good but does not tend to come up as the best but maybe it is the best overall? I don’t know of anyone who has done enough detailed analysis for us to say for sure

P.S. This is for DVDs, both scratched and/or poorly burnt

i was referring to both CDs and DVDs.

Interesting. Is this from personal experience or other peoples reports/reviews?