Good DVD reader?



Trying to find a good DVD reader for a friend for fast ripping… I have an Aopen 1648AAP Pro ive had for a while and love… but I cant find them for sale anymore… what other ripper is close to its performance?


I’d get a Lite-On 16P9S from newegg, and flash it with the codeguys firmware, or I could be a dick and tell you to use the SEARCH button. Wait a minute, I think I will tell you to SEARCH for the 16P9S , and you might be able to make a decision for yourself. :flower: :stuck_out_tongue:





Believe that if you check out AOpens site - you will find that this drive is the AOpen 1648/aap Pro - and for $25 shipped it will smoke a LiteOn 16P9s (I own both)-

You can find it here:




Umm, that’s not a 1648AAP/pro, it’s a CD burner/DVD-ROM combo drive. I dunno if that’s as good as the 16448AAP/pro. As far as I know that thing is IMPOSSIBLE to get, and the 16P9S is the next best thing. My 16P9S hits 14x without a problem ripping dual layer pressed DVDs so long as they’re not HEAVILY encrypted. I didn’t even set it to 16x in the firmware, because I want to keep any chance of an error to a minimum. Besides, you don’t need ANY SOFTWARE to make the 16P9S do it’s thing :bigsmile: . So, if you DO manage to find the 1648AAP/PRO somewhere lemme know. I’d like to do a head to head comparison for myself. This burner/rom combo might not do the same. :doh:


I have one Aopen DVD1648/AAP Pro myself, and have ordered a few for other friends. Each time I do I notice they are getting harder and next to impossible to find, at least in the US. Newegg stopped having that drive in stock ages ago. These are definitely great drives, compared to other good dvd readers.

Which ones? Ones like the Toshiba SD-M1712, 1612, 15xx, and even a 28x cdrom, etc. Back in its’ days, the Toshibas could rip safedisc protected games like no other (e.g. Plextor), and was pretty fast @ripping dvd movies too (Bladerunner @+15x). Nowadays they’ve collaborated with Samsung, and I hear the newer drives such as the SD-M1812 (and beyond) aren’t all that great of performers.

Today I tried calling Aopen’s US office, but the marketing person wasn’t in. I’ll try again tomorrow.

On, there doesn’t seem to be much of a selection of dvd readers anymore. Lite-On, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, and Sony are all that seem to be available. In the past I remember reading about well performing Asus DVD units.

I have the same question: Once the supply of Apen DVD1648/AAP Pro dvd readers dry up, what other comparable dvd readers are there?


The Aopen is great (got me one some time ago and it’s good and fast). If that’s not available, I think that LiteOn and Asus are next in line.

Toshiba made good products (still have one of those 1712 drives), but the later series couldn’t keep up with the earlier ones.

My advice: try to get the Aopen… (if possible).


Glad I got my 1648aap/pro when I did… I think my buddy is just gonna order the lite one and give it a shot.


You won’t be disappointed with the Liteon 16P9S. I used the AOpen 1648 for most of the last year and the Liteon for the last 2 months and the Liteon seems to do a better job reading and is certainly as fast.


I have 2 AOpen 1648\AAP’s and two 1648\AAP Pro’s. and they are great drives. But personally I would not buy another one evenif they were available. my new BenQ 1640, rips as fast or faster and is a superior reader.