Good DVD+R media suggestions for Lite-on LVW-5007?



Can anyone tell me what brands of DVD+R media that have had success with the Lite-on LVW-5007? I tried using Memorex DVD+R 8x and 50% of my copies fail or are jittery. Also, is it possible that the LVW-5007 is only a 4x RW drive? Am I using the wrong speed media?




I’m also interested in this question. I have a LVW 5005 which works well enough but using Nero CD DVD speed to scan the results does not produce pretty pictures. In order to “play safe” I edit and re-record TV programs on a pc using better quality DVDs ( Taiyo).

As far as speed goes I use Infiniti 8X disks so I would imagine that the LVW 5007 should be even better ?


I have the 5005a Sept. build date with the latest upgrades. Very good success with the following. Ridata 4x -R, Sony 4x +R and TDK 4x +R. Before I did the Drive update, 50% of the Ridata’s would fail.
Regards; Pop’s


The only ones I’ve tried are the TDK 8x +R and they work great. Got them on sale at CC a few weeks ago = $8 for 25pk.


I bought a 5007 about a week ago and have been using
Memorex DVD+R 8x discs without any problem.