Good DVD-R media for 812S?

In a few days I’m going to buy Liteon SOHW-812S.:slight_smile:
So I want to know some good “-R” media brand names/manufactors for this writer, especially x4 media that can be safely burned at x8 speed.


I have had success with datawrite grey discs and they are cheap.


From reading these forums it would appear that the SOHW-812S in NOT considered to be a good “-R” burner - particularly at X8 speed, so proceed with care.

So if “-R” is a real requirement, then you might want to seriously consider buying either a NEC 2500 burner or possibly an LG burner as an alternative…

Maxell DVD-R, Verbatim Pastel DVD-R, and Verbatim DVD-R are all excellent. Althought LiteOn drives are better with DVD+R.

Thanks for the replies guys!

I found a place selling Ritek, Princo, and Prodisc DVD-Rs.
So which of these is the best ones?

I would have choosen DVD+R if only they been same price as DVD-R media.
But as I will need quite a lot of DVDs I need the cheaper alternative.

Just bought 50 Ritek DVD-Rs (4X rated) from
The burning result at 4X speed looks good:

Is anyone routinely burning “-R” discs at 8X with a Lite-On drive? If so, a few KProbe scans would be appreciated.

I’d rule out the Princo discs if I were you - they’re generally disliked by most.

This is a 4 speed Sony04D1 disc burned at 8 speed using Sony08D1 strat changed using Omnipatcher and using VS08 firmware.

I have had crap for luck burning ANYTHING dvd-r with my 812S@832S. All my scans are starting to look like French flags. Using Fujifilm 4x and verbatim 4x -r’s. I have a DRU500AX on its deathbed that makes better copies.

Don’t use the DVD-R Memorex 8X rated CMC new disc’s then. The KPROBE scans on them look well EXCEPT that they are full of huge spikes (up to 800) even though the average error rate is quite low. They spike out at least 8 - 10 times. The same exact results appear when burning them at 4X on the 832s as well.

I have not had this occur with any other media on my 832s & it has happened on at least six of these 8X CMC’s.

These disc’s also wouldn’t work at all with a 811s by the way (firmware doesn’t support them, they have to burn at 2X and even then are an error filled coaster).

I have a 832s with omnipatcher VS05. I always use DVD-R either MXLG02 or TYG01. The TY’s burn great at 8x.

I have had very good results with Ritek G04. Excellent burns at 4x with very good scans. Currently using the 832S-VS08 firmware on my 812S.

Not sure how to add scan image but the last disc I burned at 4x had PI Max=34 avg=3.76, PO Max=2 avg=0.00

It seems this burner works well burning dvd-r @ 2x. The Verbatim movie reel disks error out on me burning at 4x but work well at 2x speeds. Which sucks cause these can burn at 8x on my friends NEC burner. I have Compusa branded (princo) disks that are 2x and never have a problem with them. Also the TDK dvd-r which are 2x also. The Memorex 4x dvd-r actually burn correctly at 4x.

Just bought Ridata X4 branded DVD+Rs.
I burned them x4 speed. Is the results good?
Here is my results:

I would say excellent! Good result is PI<280 and PIF<4.
Your scan rocks :slight_smile:

Burn some of those at 8x, those media are lovely. I’m getting great result with Memorex 4x (RICOHJPNR01 like yours) burned at 8x.

Nice to hear that! :slight_smile:

Here I burned the same DVD+R at 8x speed:

sorry new here but what software are people using to burn @ 8x.

im trying latest nero but it only says 4x using verbatim -r 4x.

i have latest vso8 fixed with omni and 812@832

I’m using Nero If you’re using a verbatim -r 4x and you want to burn it @ 8x make sure to speedhack your media with the omnipatcher.