Good DVD+R DL media



I’m just learning about the whole quality burning and I noticed I kinda wasted some money on Memorex DVD +R DL media. I get a nasty spike in all of the disks I’ve burned and it affects the playing of the DVD on my DVD player. So, ultimatly, my question is what media is good and where is a good place to get it? Also, I have a BenQ 1655.


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Verbatim, no question :)…as to where to buy it, where are you located?


Thank you, and I live in Colorado, US

#4 come highly recommended. :slight_smile:

Or you can take a look in our Bargain Basement for B&M deals in the US.


Hi. memorex was first DL’S i bouth.since than i’m buying only verbatim.usualy on them at the bestbuy,but cost about 10$ more.


looks like verbatim on it is. Thanks much.


If there’s an Office Max near you, the Verbatim DVD+R DL discs are on sale
10 discs for $15
I just bought some yesterday…

also Verbatim DVD+R discs
50-pack for $15