Good DVD player/VCR combo?

Any ideas on what is a good vcr/dvd combo? I cant’ seem to find these often retail, so I figure online is the best way to buy. There doesnt’ seem to be a hugh selection of them, so would you instead recommend buying a VCR and DVD player separately? I want the DVD player to read VCD’s and DVDs.


Welcome to the boards-

I would recommend anything Panasonic-

I have had several and they have all been great-


thanks for the welcome :). Didn’t find panasonics @ Walmart, what do you think of Magnavox?


Check out Circuit City - Frys and Best Buy

(Magnavox not all that good IMO)


From my experience in transferring hundreds of VHS tapes ranging from poor to excellent condition and having used panasonic, sony and other VCRs, there is nothing else I would recommend than JVC VCRs - I would avoid COMBOS as the components used are very cheap and often the VCR used is of marginal quality and provides very poor performance for old tapes (particularly dubs). My JVC VCRs handles even the worst tape and provids better picture enhancement overall.

JVC did invent VHS after all.

Thanks for the help! Got a JVC VCR and Sony DVD player. Everything is great so far