Good DVD player software?



Hi all! New to the forum. I have been using DVD neXt Tech for about 2 years. I like to put copies on my hard drive for later burning, or for watching on my laptop, or with the HDMI/SPDIF outs in DTS.

I have the free version of Power DVD8 that came with my laptop, but am not a huge fan. Looking for input as to a good player for my needs.



Do you want to try some free ones, or stick to the commercial programs. Both types seem perfectly adequate to me for dvds. Blu ray is another matter entirely.

Good commercial dvd players include PowerDVD (which you have already ruled out), Corel WinDVD Pro 11 and Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 5.

The free ones include VLC, Media Player Classic, and a variation of the last one called Media Player Classic HomeCinema.

Though Media Player Classic HomeCinema doesn’t look bright and shiny, it is under active development with improvements and additions coming regularly, and is, in my opinion, probably the most capable free player available.

And there are some lesser known programs, like Zoom Player and Gom Player.


Well said Kerry.