Good Dvd DL?

need to burn Dvd DL,planning to get these

r they worth getting ? do they burn well ?

The Verbies are a good choice - the best DLs you can get. :slight_smile:

can i get a better pricing for a 20 Pack of Verbs Dvd DL ? Prices it @ 35$

any other place to get it cheaper ?

any help guys …pls…

You just have to catch them on sale for cheaper price. If you belong to Sam’s Club and they have MIS on the label they are $70 for a 50 pk.

Made in Singapore :bigsmile:

The best Verbatim DL there is :smiley:

can u link me to this ?

also r verbs “Made in Singapore” r bad ? compared to wat is selling ?

MIS is the better of them. You will just have to catch the sale ads. I know of no link right now to give you sorry.

no worries …mate … i guess will get the 20 pack from & wait for a better deal