Good dvd copying programs?

hello. i know its is a silly question, what are some really good dvd copying programs (that take off the protection) besides clonedvd?? thanks!!!

Anydvd and dvdfabdecrypter(free) and dvddecrypter in combination with the plugin.

cool! thank you i will try thoes.
also, do you know of any good programs that make dvd images?? thanks

With dvddecrypter and imgburn for example. Dvdshrink too!

Anydvd :iagree:

Yeah ANYDVD is good :smiley:


If I’m not wrong, anydvd don’t do any copy; it only help to remove protections.

The real copy is made by clonedvd or by dvd shrink or by dvd decrypter

DvdFab Decrypter is a good free one. It will decrypt and copy to your hard drive, but you will need another program to get it onto disk. DVD Decrypter is good in combination with anydvd. However dvd decrypter is no longer updated. The author of that program has created Imgburn(in answer to the 2nd question). DVD Shrink is also a good one, but no longer updated. That guy became part of Nero. If you want to spend the money 1 Click DVD copy is a great program for compressing a full size decrypted movie to a single dvd. And I might add, I can not tell the copy from the original. I have had success with all these programs, but I primarily use the 1 Click for copying and AnyDVD for decryption. I feel I get the best results and the fewest, if any, coasters

I thought DVD shrink didnt remove protection?

it can remove some protections, but not latest ones :frowning:

wow thanks guys! i have one more question: what about for copying games? whats good?

What for games? If you mean pc then you should have a look at clonecd, alcohol and deamon tools. For ps2 is dvddecrypter enough.

your right geno, but i think that bypassing the protections was what he was looking for, that’s why i answered anydvd. :flower:

do you mean clonecd for games?i have anydvd and clonecd-dvd and finally got my clonecd working, but not quite sure how to make copies of my ps2 games with clonecd. i think this is the program that you need to use with games? any help on the process would be helpful, and do i need to use dvd+ or -. thanks