Good DVD burner



Hi All,

This is my problem. I am trying to burn data on to DVD+R(DL). Currently my laptop has Matshita DVD RW UJ-8425. When i try to write the iso file 2.4X speed using Imgburn i am getting a power calibration error. The DVD i am using is Memorex.

Here are my questions (Beg ur pardon if it is stupid)

  1. Is there any problem with the compatibility of the burner? I mean, would it write only onto certain DVD R discs? like Verbatim or TDK alone? Can all DVD (DL) supported burners burn any DVD (DL) disc (like TDK, verbatim, memorex)

  2. Why does this power calibration happen?

Please let me know asap as i need to buy a DVD writer within 2 days and i am travelling back to my country.



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

From reading other people’s experiences and opinions of Matshita drives, they’re known to be incredibly media-picky, and most (if not all) of them just aren’t good drives anyway.

I would suggest either of two things:

  1. Buy better DL discs (Verbatim +R DL Made in Singapore are the best you can get, but still no guarantees how your Matshita would handle them).

  2. Buy yourself a nice new external drive. I would recommend Samsung if you’re planning to keep those Memorex discs. If using Verbatim DL, practically any newer external drive should do the job.

Hopefully other members will have a few more suggestions for you. :slight_smile: