Good DVD Burner?



Hey everyone. I’m looking into getting a new DVD burner. I need one that will write DVD’s and is under atleast $50. If you can, can you please tell me what a good burner would be and possibly a link to a site that sells it? Thanks.


Well, you could have a word with BitchinGuy…looks like he’s gonna
be selling a perfectly good Liteon…


I wouldn’t touch a Lite-On burner for anything but error rate scans. @the original post find a way to cough up a few extra bucks and get the NEC 3520A. You can get it for under $60 shipped from The Benq 1620A is also very affordable and supposed to be a decent burner.


It’s hard to beat the NEC on price, performance, and reliability.


Your recommended DVD models to choose from are

LG 4163B
BenQ 1620
Nec 3520

These are all cream of the crop and are great value.