Good dvd burner in my budget

I currently have a HP LightScribe dual-layer DVD-writer /CD-writer drive
and I want to add a second drive.Any suggestions?My pc is a HP Pavilion a1430n.My budget for a dvd burner is about $35.00-75.00

i would pick up an LG or pioneer + a liteon for scanning.
the LG+Pionneer (both for 75 @ neweegg shipped)… so pop another 40 for the SATA 20X liteon, and you’re set. if you don’t wanna waste too much money, the Pioneer + Liteon is around 75, both SATA. or LG + Liteon.

It’s got to be IEDE.All my sata connections are taken by hdd’s

There are EIDE drives of those versions also. Newegg carries both SATA and EIDE of same drives.

IDEs are even cheaper. the pioneer 112D + liteon is under 75 for both if you wanna go IDE.

all 3 for 110 shipping after tax, pretty decent deal i think :)… i would just get 2 though, get the liteon + LG or Liteon + Pioneer if you short on cash…

thanks fellas