Good duplication dvd media?

I am doing some descent volume duplication but it is about to increase drasticaly in fact enough to the point i am adding on 2 more1 to 7 duplicators.

I have been using the yuden 8x fuji’s from best buy and have had flawless results. Now i need 16x media to speed up the process if i can. I cannot find yudens. can anyone help me or give me an alternative 16x to yudens that will sufice. Thanks for any help you all can provide.

God Bless

Yo- carries TY 16x


i seen them but they were all -r im using +r seems to be more compatible. used -r’s once and had a lot of. it didnt play on my machine responses.

supermediastore has 'em here

again i only see TY16x -r’s im am wondering if they even make em i am going to the TY site to see what is up.
thanx folks.

This 16x Verbatim +R media works very well in most burners.