Good Dual Layer



Can any body suggest a good duallayer dvd. Traxdata Ricohjapan good?


Verbatim +R DL. :slight_smile:


There’s no other that’s worth spending your money on.

Be careful though, if your burner will only do 2.4x DL burning don’t get the 8x Verbatim.


:clap: Thanks for the quick reply :clap:


I think DLs are so expensive (here at least), it’s not worth taking the risk, so follow Tim’s advice re: speed too. :slight_smile:

I have some RICOHJPN 8x +R DLs that I bought for testing purposes, not impressed on my Samsung, and my LiteOn did only slightly better with them.


Anyone found any hub printable DVD+R DL? All I’m finding in Inkjet Printable DVD+R DL is stuff with the stacking hub.


I haven’t seen any Verbs that are hub printable.