Good drive to read DualDiscs?



I’ve encountered lots of problems reading and ripping audio from DualDiscs that I’ve purchased using my Lite-On 1673s and have had to resort to reading them on a very old DVD-reader drive. Well, that drive died last night and now I need a new drive, but I want to make sure I get a drive that doesn’t choke on DualDiscs. Has anyone had positive experiences with drives that handle this awful format?


By DualDisc you mean original movies that are Dual Layer?

I have my dvr-111 in an external enclosure and it reads DL discs faster than my external Sony drx-800ul.


No… Dual Disc is a “flipper” with a CD side (typically audio) and a DVD side.

[B]Dual Disc Official Website[/B]



o rite ic.


Shouldn’t any drive read them ?
I mean you put the cd side and the drive reads it as a cd , then “flip” it to the DVD side and the drive reads it as a DVD ?